Hiya! We want to share a little about the Cabin Creative journey…


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How it all started

Cabin Creative is home to the work of me, Tessa Eckersley - a graphic designer and photographer based in Ferguson Valley, Western Australia. I have an idiosyncratic (google it) approach to creative projects, resulting in unique products ranging from branding to websites, photography and social media.

If you want to know more about my services, you can check out the services page in this website which include a detailed description and an indication of my pricing.

In between client work, you may also see me at weddings and can check out some of my snaps over at www.tessaeckersleyphoto.com. Or you may find me running in a bush somewhere as I am surrounded by national park in Ferguson Valley and love a good trail run!

So what’s with the name you ask? It’s difficult to name your studio, however ‘Cabin Creative’ was drawn from the fact that I live in a little cabin (yes, makes sense now). The Cabin is where I let creative sparks fly and the only place I can get creative juices flowing. I’d love to sit down with you (either at the cabin or somewhere for a coffee) and chat about your new creative project!

+ Graphic Design

Whether you’re looking for a new brand to suit your budget or just additional marketing material, Cabin Creative offers a vast range of services to suit your needs

+ Web Design

Cabin Creative handles your website project from start to finish. From research to content creation, design and development… Cabin Creative gets super friendly with your website.

+ Photography

Visual story telling is the best way to build connections, trust and recognition as a stand out in the industry. Let us help you distill your brand into a consistent, creative journey for every touch point of your business.